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Robotics & EOD

Minimizing human exposure to explosives has been a prime target for H.B.A. System Integrators ever since its inception. As an Israeli-based enterprise, we are only too aware of the threat posed by explosives - and the superior quality required in dealing with them. The IDF and Israel Police, struggling incessantly against this danger, have been collaborating with us on EOD issues for the past 25 years.

Our range consists of various tools designed by the world's leading producers of EOD technology. We are the exclusive Israeli suppliers for EOD and IED experts Nabco and EODPartner, and use their products to complement our own technologies and methods. In addition to our work with the armed forces, we provide end-to-end, customized defense solutions for private entities.

All our systems, platforms and technologies can be integrated and installed to comply with any client specification. Being exclusive suppliers, we also offer the best maintenance and repair services for our products. The following comprises a representative list of our solutions and capabilities:


  • Total EOD equipment solution: EOD robots, modified vehicles and all designated EOD/IEOD equipment

  • Mine clearance equipment, as well as containment vessels for ammunition disposal

  • Training - Mine clearance, EOD operators & technicians at all levels


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