Firefighting & Rescue


Hostareline offers a breakthrough in safety solutions:

• Essential visual communication tool for first responder teams.

• Ingress/Egress marking for low light environments (for both responders and survivors).

• Delineates exit/escape routes, emergency exits, and stairwells.

• Easily moved if the shortest and safest route changes.

• Employed by first responders, firefighters, law enforcement units and special forces/military personnel.

• Suitable for power failures, fire scenes, high rise buildings, construction sites, tunnels/caves, deep sea diving and virtually any indoor/outdoor disaster site where temporary delineation is needed. 



Our Mini Porter offers the highest reliability, ease of use and func􀆟on employing superior technology, engineering,

and manufacturing quality. The Mini Porter offers a 360 degree maneuverability, roll & turn easily in any spaces, and

move hoses safely even at the maximum rated capacity.

HBA Mini Porter .jpg

IBIS Robot

ibis 1.jpg

IBIS® is a robot for pyrotechnic operations and reconnaissance. Upon installation of additional devices, it can be used, among others, for disposal of dangerous objects, chemical detection and rescue operations. Six-wheeled chassis with independent drive of each wheel allows to operate in challenging and varied terrain (bedrock, wetlands, muddy terrain and debris).



The BlueDragon is remote controlled robot which can be operated from up to 500m away. It’s not large, measuring only 94 cm long, 65 cm wide and 77 cm high, weighing in at 150kg. However, it’s small size is a deliberate design feature. We wanted the BlueDragon to be able to go through doorways and navigate interior spaces. Also, being small means the BlueDragon is easy to transport in city traffic.