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Police & Law Enforcement

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H.B.A. can provide a wide variety of products and services to the defence forces, special police units, forensics, Government and private entities.


The products we supply are in accordance with the most stringent standards and international quality control, ISO, NUJ, and MIL-SPEC.


  • Protective equipment, personal protection, advanced protection against hot/cold weapons.

  • EOD equipment: personal protection equipment, work and attack tools, destruction equipment, evacuation and treatment equipment.


  • Less lethal products: a wide variety of aerosols, gas grenades, launchers, less lethal weapons and ammunition.


  • Accessories for weapons and personal equipment.


  • Forensics equipment for crime scene teams and research laboratories.


  • Riot control solutions and equipment.


  • Breaching equipment for Special Forces: wireless initiation systems, breaching frames and special charges, ballistic shields.


  • End to end solutions for EOD robots including equipping a designated EOD vehicle including the robot.


  • EOD robots of all sizes from a small hand-carried robot capable of neutralizing a 10kg charge up to a large tractor size robot capable of neutralizing a charge of up to 250 kg.

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