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Entry Frame, GBF-1VF

Entry Frame, hinged, oval in shape, 1 inch deep loading “V” with run offs to allow tabbed shots on metal walls and/or metal doors. This frame has no metal bolts or fittings. It can utilize the folding pole system designed for this frame or the same prop pole used in the standard entry frame. It has rappel lugs top and bottom to allow for rappelling or lowering the charge onto the selected target using ropes. It has a sliding locking plate that allows
users to lock the frame in the open position, while allowing users to unlock and fold the frame up should it become necessary to remove the frame from the target being breached

The Folding Frame Carry Bag

The Folding Frame Carry Bag (patent pending) has been purpose designed to allow tactical carriage of the folding frame. It has been designed to allow users to load the frame with explosives and carry the loaded frame in a backpack that allows for operational deployment right off an operators back. The carry bag has reinforced webbing straps completely around the bag, providing great strength to the bag. This allows for rappelling or fast roping with the bag on an operators back, without having to worry about the bag tearing or ripping. The handle is made from reinforced webbing, and is extremely rugged. The interior of the bag allows for a loaded frame to be securely strapped into the bag, with the sectional folding prop pole being fastened across the inside of the folded frame. There are two interior pockets lined with ballistic material, to allow users to place detonators or selected initiation systems in the pockets for operations. The bag has two large zippers that meet and lock at the top of the bag, allowing for rapid opening.


GP-1VS main charge compatible explosives for loading:

  • Sheet Explosive - various widths and thickness, RDX or PETN based

  • Linear Shaped Charge - 100 gr./ ft. (20 g/ m) to 2200 gr./ ft. (500 g/ m) copper or lead clad

  • Detonating Cord - 50 gr./ ft. to 500 gr./ ft. (10 g/ m to 110 g/ m)

Extrudable Explosive - RDX based (DEMEX 100) or PETN based (DEXS)
The Gun Port Frame uses the same prop poles as do the standard GBF-1VS frame and the GBF-1VF Folding Frame
GP-1VS breach point dimensions:
HBA Engineering Gun Port frames produce an opening about the size of the frame’s outer dimensions, depending on the target material being penetrated and the explosive load (approximately 16 inches x 16 inches (40 cm x 40 cm).

 Entry Frame GBF-1VS

HBA Explosive Entry Frames are specially engineered containers designed to facilitate structure breaching for
hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and special forces operations, through a wide range of target materials and
structural types. HBA Entry Frames may be used against targets such as: cinder block, brick and concrete
walls, as well as solid core wood doors, metal clad fire doors and security doors. It produces an entry hole approximately the same dimensions as the frame. The HBA Large Breaching Frame can use either a standard 2
piece pvc plastic prop pole or the Gryphon folding pole used with the Folding Breaching Frame

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