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Robotics & EOD

HBA established an impressive fleet of Robots for the IDF and Israeli Police, providing more than 60 integrated EOD robots and vehicles, ground heavy duty robots, ROV's and UAV's, including maintenance and upgrades by qualified technicians .





Tactical Simulation

During the last 30 years, HBA's exceptional experience helped to shape Israeli Counter-Terror combat techniques & methodology, providing simulation and advanced solutions for tactical gear and weapons, training programs and shooting ranges.

Maritime Protection & Safe Harbor

HBA is world-renowed for its maritime protection solution, providing complete protection for maritime threats including advanced technology integration such as underwater detection systems, ROV's, anti-piracy and critical assets protection such as oil rigs and ports. Our know-how together with veterans of the navy's Special Units and advanced technology enable us to provide tailor made, high standard solutions.

Military & Defense

Together with our professional veterans from the Israeli Specail Units, collaboration with the clients enables us to provide relevant tactical solutions for warriors in the battlefield, Armor Corps, Special Units, Fast Deployment Units, Engineering Corps and others.

Police & Law Enforcement

HBA provides a variety of solutions and services for Defense Forces, Forensic Units, Police, Special Units, Government Authorities, private entities and others.  All products and solutions are provided in accordance with international standards and quality control such as ISO, NIJ ,MIL SPEC etc.

Scanners & X -ray

HBA developed and established the two major inspection sites in Israel (ASHDOD and HAIFA) providing container scanners together with a wide range of stationary and portable x-ray products for EOD, ports, inspection sites, luggage and more.


HBA's professional teams were carefully chosen, having served in special IDF units with extensive battlefield experience to provide a wide range of training incorporating knowledge, operational experience and proven capabilities.

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