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EOD Robots

Andros FX Series

■ Quad track pods provide the mobility needed for the
widest range of scenarios -indoors, outdoors and every
combination in between
• Each track pod with its own motor and controls, provides the power needed to rapidly maneuver to the threat whether climbing stairs, negotiating obstacles or crossing rough terrain
• Each track pod can be controlled individually to level
the vehicle on uneven terrain increasing the fl exibility of employment and eliminating concerns about vehicle tipovers
• Rock- solid stair climbing reduces operator stress
• Track pods can be lowered to add 14 inches in height for increased observation and reach solidly and securely without tipping over

• Two additional arm rolls provide the ability to access
vehicles and maneuver in confi ned spaces such as parking lots and buildings previously out of reach
• Signifi cantly increased lift capacity and greater dexterity for handling the toughest missions


• New gripper palm camera with lights for faster more accurate grasping
• Gripper extends six inches (15 cm) for the fi ne movement
• Fly the gripper or joint by joint control can be used for easy, quick and accurate arm maneuvers for reduced mission time

• Nine factory presets plus 10 user- defi ned presets
• 3-D vehicle images help operators view and visualize the confi guration of the arm and articulators
• Single or Quad camera modes. Single camera mode off ers three picture- in- picture camera views that can be moved and resized
• Vehicle tilt and cant positions displayed on the screen help
ensure confi dent maneuvers across any terrain
• Vehicle maintenance information provided via touch screen graphics

Andros FX™: Designed with the user in mind, Andros FX was created from the ground up based on over 25 years of Remotec unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) experience. A combination of advanced mobility and high dexterity coupled in one vehicle, the Andros FX provides unmatched capabilities to defeat vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in addition to many other threats. Andros FX expands the user’s ability to complete a wide range of missions faster, with greater confi dence all while maintaining Andros’ global reputation for rugged, reliable, easy-to-use vehicles.

Andros HD Series

Andros Robots have more quick connect accessories and tools than any other robot manufacturer. We have developed a vast array of tools and accessories to remotely solve nearly any problem.

■ 6 degrees of freedom provides a
more dextrous and capable arm
■ Improved manipulator on the SEL
and SX models more than doubles
the lift capacity of the previous

■ The HD SX provides a quickrelease
gripper/tool system and interchangea
ble gripper fingers

■ Improved software that provides
an on-screen representation of
your vehicle’s orientation.
■ This left-facing side view of the
robot allows you to monitor
feedback from on-board sensors in
the manipulator (torso, shoulder,
elbow, and wrist*) & articulators.
■ Errors and failures of joints, as
well as restricted movements, are

communicated on screen graphically.

■ Select from nine of the most
commonly used positions, such as
park, deploy, stair mode, and drive
mode among others.
■ In addition, users may also save
up to 10 of their own, userdefined
presets. All presets are easily

accessible, and quickly deployed.


The modular, Flexible system design, based on user feedback and requirements, features cutting edge technology and capabilities unlike any other unmanned ground vehicle available. Titus is easy to operate, maintain and upgrade, and provides maximum value and performance to users, all the while keeping Danger at a Distance.

The objective of the chassis design was to provide a fast, rugged and extremely capable platform for its size.
■ Innovative mobility design provides high performance in sand, snow and other fine particulates
■ Modular approach to design allows users to reconfigure the base unit to meet a variety of missions
■ Superior stair climbing thanks to the proven Andros™ dual-articulator design—the culmination of 25 years of extreme use
■ 16.25” width (w/articulators) for use on airplanes, buses and trains
■ Vehicle speed 7.5+ mph (12+ kph)

■ Widely used & commercially available quick-swap BB 2590 batteries
■ “Fly the gripper” control for ease of user operation (joint-by-joint control possible, also)
■ Preset positioning for rapid deployment
■ 6 degrees of freedom, including torso rotate
■ 15 lb (6.8 kg) full extension/20 lb (9 kg) close to body
■ Manipulator can be removed quickly, without tools, to exchange for future specialized manipulators & payloads

■ First-of-its-kind touchscreen/physical button hybrid controller
■ Main, Split, Quad-screen, PIP camera view windows, all resizable and moveable on the screen by user
■ Innovative radio vest option available to support tactical operations with OCU additional features
■ Modular design for maximum mission flexibility as well as ease of upgrades for long service life
■ State of the art diagnostics and troubleshooting, including on-board diagnostics LCD screen
■ Plug and play sensor capability



HBA PATROL® is a medium tracked robot used for detection and neutralization, which can support operators in the most dangerous tasks. The robot design ensures the use of several accessories at the same time.

Lightweight robot control panel is integrated with mobile x-ray systems and CBRN sensors. Robot’s dimensions and

applied drive system allow to carry out activities both inside buildings and in difficult terrain and compactand modular

design allows it to be transported even

in a passenger car.


The primary purpose of the BEAST is to complement and augment the EOD technician when performing remote reconnaissance, access, render safe, "pick up and carry away" (PUCA), and disposal during extremely hazardous explosive ordnance missions. The BEAST is used by EOD personnel at incident sites that are extremely hazardous. Many of these hazards/risks are of unknown nature.
The BEAST is based on a remote controlled Bobcat excavator E331 system and features a tray of tools including:
■ Hydraulic Hammer.
■ CC40 Hydraulic Cutter.
■ Trenching – Bucket.
■ Hydraulic Clamp.
■ Cultivator.
■ Grapple.
■ Auger.
■ ANDROS Hydraulic Manipulator.

Bozena 4 / Bozena 5

BOZENA 4 is a remotely controlled light demining system designed for mine clearance and for C-IED tasks assistance. Its size and weight allow BOZENA 4 to work in space limited conditions (inside forests and mountains, along plantations

and obstacles). Due to its exceptional resistance against anti-tank mines (9 kg TNT) BOZENA 4 can be used in zones with high-threat contamination. There is a wide range of accessories and attachments available to enlarge the efficiency in field operations.

Unmanned ground vehicle BOZENA 5 is designed for clearance of all conventional antipersonnel and antitank land mines and for IED removal assistance. Its approach of SAFETY is based on remote control operation (range up to 5 000 m) and on the noteworthy blast resistance (9 kg TNT). BOZENA 5 can basically operate with both - the Flail and Tiller tools for effective mine clearance. BOZENA 5 shall be suitable for clearance of large mine affected areas due to its potential, size and weight which is twice as big as previous generations of BOZENA machines. 


HBA GRYF® is a robot used for reconnaissance of terrain and hard to reach places. The manipulator with 5 degrees of freedom allows to lift loads weighing up to 15 kg. Robot’s wheels can easily be removed, which reduces the dimensions of the robot and thus facilitates missions in tight spaces.
Owing to the applied drives, the robot smoothly overcomes uneven terrain and obstacles up to an angle of 45°.
The robot is characterised by excellent manoeuvrability. Low weight makes it easy to transport and carry the robot, and its modular design allows for quick and easy change of additional equipment.
PIAP GRYF® mobile robot is designed to work with a variety of accessories, which include: disrupters
(e.g., RE 70M3 Plus - Chemring, Proparms Recoilless 12.5 mm and 20 mm), shotgun (e.g., Benelli), X-ray (e.g., Vision-X
MK-5), explosives trace detector (e.g., M0-2M), active winder with bre optic cable, main for remote detonation
of explosives.

HBA Robot Arms

HBA’s robot arms are the perfect solution for integrating a manipulation dimension to your mobile platform. They are the ideal partners to assist or replace technicians and professionals for inspection or manipulation in harsh, confined, hazardous or manufacturing environments. Light and compact, the arm can be integrated with the majority of existing mobile platform models. Moreover, due to its low power consumption, the robot arm will not significantly reduce the autonomy of the platform.


  • Plug and Play

  • Torque, position, current, temperature and acceleration sensors in each actuator

  • Embedded controller

  • Torque, position or velocity control

  • Intuitive Cartesian control solution provided

  • Unlimited joint rotations

  • Two expansion lines at the end-effector

  • Windows/Linux Kinova SDK and ROS enabled





FENIX® is a light, backpack-deployed reconnaissance robot. It has been created to conduct reconnaissance in the immediate vicinity of military operations, including places inaccessible to humans.

Excellent field properties of FENIX® robot (track-wheels chassis with moveable front flippers) ensure easy movement on hardened road surface, dirt roads, pathless tracts and in urban areas.

Tactical Robots



The TRM® can be thrown into a building or to an open area and steered by remote control in order to perform inspection. TRM ® ’s construction is designed to withstand the impact produced by a fall from a high altitude (9 meters).

Currently oered robot’s second generation with new silent drives and small control panel makes TRM® a product even better than before.


  • Ultra-robust, shock resistant, waterproof

  • Can be used by dismounted personal or any vehicle

  • Can be easily operated from any standard equipment

  • Extremely short training time, a few minutes

  • Standard version overcomes up to 10cm height

  • Geo-referenced snapshots + Video recording with automatic 30s pre-record

EOD Robots
Tactical Robots
Firefighting Robot

Andros Spartan


The Andros TM Spartan was designed based on the success, reliability and versatility of the 6 series platform, our flagship platform for the past 3 decades. The Spartan incorporates the same proven chassis design of the Andros TM F6 and adds the highly dexterous manipulation capabilities of the Andros TM FX. Preserving th e legacy of th e Andros TM 6

ser ies, Spartan integrates new technologies , optimizes the user experience, and reduces time on target. Update s tha t make the Andros TM Spartan an industry leader.

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