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Military & Defense


H.B.A. provides products and solutions for the military, Special Forces, evacuation and rescue, airborne troops, infantry units, tank corps, navy and engineering corps.


Cutting edge solutions in accordance with specific requests in the following fields:


  • Camouflage and Deception: Stationary/in motion, use of complex materials, LEP paint, light and easy to use camouflage solutions for use in vehicles/armoured vehicles, structure camouflage.


  • IR passive/active marking.


  • Rapid deployment of various shelters: Control and Command Posts, operating theatres and hospital wards, logistic storerooms, living quarters, natural disaster/terrorist attack command posts, chem/bio warfare solutions.


  • Ballistic protection.


  • Location and disposal of suspicious objects and landmines.


  • End to end solutions for EOD robots including equipping a designated EOD vehicle including the robot.


  • Remote wireless initiation systems.


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