Tactical Illumination

Tactical Balls

Tactical Balls® RID3, Rolling Illuminated Distraction and Disorientation Devices were designed for use by police officers with no specialized training when you need a little something to get the bad guys' attention to focus away from you.  Small, lightweight, water resistant and shock resistant, they are concentric and weighted so they will wobble and spin all around when rolled or tossed into a room, then land light up to backlight the bad guy. The bad guy gets distracted and this buys you time to make your move.
Tactical Balls® RID3 were never intended to replace flashbangs. We have a saying at BSTI, that on a scale of 1 to 10, with a flashbang at a 10, we would rate the Tactical Balls® RID3 at a two, but a two is still twice as good as nothing! For entry into a suspected meth lab or an area that has flammable material, Tactical Balls® RID3 are the answer.
Note: We get a few people once in while that ask why we did not make the Tactical Balls® RID3 “strobe” particularly when our Tactical Touch® switch with Hi/Lo/Strobe is so effective. The simple answer is that you do not want to be looking at a strobe light when you enter. The spin and wobble that is built into the Tactical Balls® RID3, creates the same effect, then stops just in time for you to make your entry into a dark room.


The Perimeter Infrared Intruder Security Alert is a low cost, simple, safe and effective perimeter alarm system. On today’s modern battlefield, there is simply too high a risk of collateral damage to use pyrotechnic perimeter defenses. The Perimeter Infrared Intruder Security Alert allows soldiers to quickly and quietly set up a perimeter detection system that features a 135 decibel alarm as well as flashing infrared LED lights when tripped. The non-lethal Perimeter Infrared
Intruder Security Alert allows constant and effective perimeter security that cannot be easily defeated once activated. The PIISA® is a force multiplier, requiring fewer soldiers to operate than command detonated defenses, increasing unit effectiveness while eliminating the chance of civilian casualties. The unit weighs just 2.5 ounces and is easily packaged for rapid deployment.

Light strip

APALS® (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips) 10 packs contain thin LED strips which can be used to mark your trail in or out of the woods in the dark. They work great to color code different sectors, and can be used to keep both hunters and dogs well marked and safe when hunting in low light conditions. APALS® 10 packs are great when you need just a little light for checking maps or if a round is loaded in the chamber. The polished aluminum surface works well as a daytime signaling mirror and the bright LED strobe modes are highly effective in getting the attention of a rescue team at night. The patent pending APALS® 10 pack should be an essential part of every hunter field pack.


TPLM is a tiny personal identification/marking light with a big personality. Originally designed for the safety of workers on oil platforms, TPLM is a practically unnoticeable addition to helmets, plate carriers, or chest rigs. TPLM is easily activated by pressing its center. It is cycled on/off by pressing it again. A positive click can be felt when the light is not placed in a spot visible to the user. TPLM is fully encapsulated, making it water resistant in a flexible silicon body. The LED will blink red when activated. TPLM is backed with Velcro for ready placement on tactical and industrial gear. 


Hostareline offers a breakthrough in safety solutions:

• Essential visual communication tool for first responder teams.

• Ingress/Egress marking for low light environments (for both responders and survivors).

• Delineates exit/escape routes, emergency exits, and stairwells.

• Easily moved if the shortest and safest route changes.

• Employed by first responders, firefighters, law enforcement units and special forces/military personnel.

• Suitable for power failures, fire scenes, high rise buildings, construction sites, tunnels/caves, deep sea diving and virtually any indoor/outdoor disaster site where temporary delineation is needed. 

HOSTARELINE - Infrared Version

Hostrareline Infrared line produces a high intensity reflective signature with a transmission value of >70% at 835nm, easily viewable over 800m using

PVS-14 night vision device.

Most Image Intensifiers also offer a IR illuminating capability which floods the viewing area with infrared light to brighten and enhance the visible detail of the environment, whilst remaining invisible to the human eye. 

Our Hostareline infrared line is designed to take advantage of the light emitted from these IR illuminating night vision devices by using military grade materials to create a intense reflective signature from the Hostareline product.

Applications: Visualisation of a secured way in a polluted urban or rural area, such as mine field or collapse due to bombing, IED safe areas, etc. 

Setting up a helicopter landing zone, dropping zone, and more.