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Disruptors & Accessories


• Disruptor Water Canons
• Standard and Electric Ammunition
• Blasting Cap Containment
• Carry Cases
• Back Packs
• EOD Equipment
• R & D Availability

DC-18 KIT Canon & Accessories

  • Disruptor Canon with Breech Bolt inserts (#’s 6&7)

  • 1 Laser, 1 Laser Mount

  • Pushrod w/cleaning Mop

  • Dead Hammer

  • Disrupter Pole Stand and

  • Canon Holder with Slide

  • Electric Igniter 50G2

  • Electric Cable Reel

  • DI Shock Tube Igniter

  • 4 Dz. Water Plug Sets

  • 20 Rounds BB

  • 15 Rounds BA

  • 15 Rounds CA

  • 5 Rounds Slug

  • 10 Rounds CA

  • 12 Rounds BB-7

  • 3 Gallon Snot Kit

  • #iM2950 Storm Custom

  • Case


The I D C - 2 / 3 12 gauge Disruptor Canon, with its unique acme breach bolt design is the latest in state-of-the-art IED disruption offered by Royal Arms International.   As manufacturers of EOD equipment we are the sole source of the IDC-2 / 3. The optional non-electric (shock tube) system is available as a separate item (#STS) at an additional cost.  If installed in the IDC, it becomes classified as an NFA weapon and must be registered with ATF .

Mamba 20mm Midi


The Mamba 20mm Midi R is a totally recoilless Disrupter System which can be deployed to fire water/fluid loads close up in a conventional mode or, a variety of frangible or solid projeciles or regular 12g cartridges with a short to medium stand off from the target IED.

The tool can fire a water mass of up to 140ml (5oz) and a range of frangible and solid projectiles.

The Mamba Recoilless features a unique Gas Regulator with 3 settings enabling the system to be completely recoilless with different projectile mass for example, 50 or 140ml of fluid, 100g frangible or solid projectiles and regular 12g cartridges.

The Mamba Recoilless uses 12g cased cartridges which can be leadless electric, leaded electric or percussion initiated. As standard CSL supplies leadless electric 12g Cartridges.

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