Sensor Vehicle

  • Time-saving ground survey

  • Rigid and lightweight

  • 4 Ferrous sensors

  • PDA Data logger

  • Navigation aid

  • True-to-scale data acquisition

HBS MiniROV System

  • Comprising a metal detector and a ground penetrating radar (GPR)

  • Metalfree mines can also be detected

  • Ultra high sensitivity

  • Easy operation

  • Alarm:

     -  visual bargraph
     -  audio signal

  • Simultaneous operation of metal detector and GPR possible

  • Lightweight


Ferrous Locator VET2

  • High detection sensitivity

  • Ease of operation

  • Comfortable carrying device

  • Height adjustment of sensor tube

  • Data output

  • No sensor adjustment required

VMH3CS Mine Detector


  • Operates with:

1. slim search head

2. UXO search head

3. stick probe

  • Ultra high sensitivity

  • Pinpoint mode

  • Highly effective automatic ground compensation

  • Metal alarm: audio, visual and vibration

  • Length continuously adjustable

  • Input for firmware upgrade

  • UXO firmware available


  • Portable or vehicle-mounted

  • Optional data recording with software package Vallon EVA2000® Mobile for Vallon Field Computer VFC2

  • Search head diameter user-specific from 0.3 m to 4.75 m

  • Detection also possible in strongly mineralized soils

  • 14 selectable measurement delays for clutter rejection

  • Functions for metal and object discrimination

Ferrous Locator VX1

Universal set for the detection of UXO’s on land, under water and in boreholes

  • Compact, low weight, ergonomic

  • For land, boreholes & water

  • Detachable control unit for easy detection in boreholes

  • No probe adjustment required

  • Digital probe technology

  • Probe mechanically adjustable in height

  • Data output USB, Bluetooth® & serial

  • Detachable probe, suitable for multisensor systems


Differential Magnetometer for the location of unexploded ordnances in the ground

  • Light and compact

  • Ferrous metal alarm indicated by LED-meter and audio signal

  • Operation and indication elements integrated in the hand grip

  • No sensor adjustments required

  • Telescopic pole continuouslyadjustable

  • Weight approx. 2.4 kg incl. batteries

Metal and Mine Detectors


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