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EOD Equipment

Bomb Suit

EOD Bomb Disposal Suit which is a state of-the-art garment specifically designed to give the highest level of protection with maximum comfort and flexibility to the user at an affordable price.

Our latest generation suit aims to be the most comfortable and flexible suit available offering the highest levels of protection against blast threats:

• Overpressure

• Shock Waves

• Primary and Secondary Protection

• Displacement Force

• Heat / Fire.

HBA™ Saviour™ 201 4 mod el EOD Helmet , Visor

The HBA™ Saviour™ 2014 mod el EOD Helmet bomb helmet incorporates the latest materials technology and molding techniques to provide a helmet that is not only ballistically superior but also shaped to fit the wearer’s head. It is also designed to fully integrate within the collar of the suit without impeding the lateral and rotational movement of the head.
• Advanced Aramid molding technology
• Multi impact laminated visor - Anti ballistic visor made from hardened acrylic polycarbonate laminate. Level IIIA .

• Built in demister fan and respirator to stop fogging and allow cool air onto the face .A Filter is provided with every helmet and offers NBC 

• Internal sweat management comfort fabrics
• Easy Visor opening to allow for greater comfort before and after operations .The visor is removable.
• Molded chin cup
*Suspension harness – webbing and ballistic nylon.
*Headlight: A bracket and small flashlight is provided on the front of the helmet which is self powered with its own batteries .

HBA Saviour Hardwire and Communication System

EOD Commander Base Station

1. 4 line hard wired communication
2. 10 Watt installed speaker
3. 7“ TFT LCD Monitor Installed
4. 12V 6.8Ah LiPo Battery and Charger installed
5. Headset with PTT ( Push-to –talk) button
6. Hand held Microphone
7. Battery indicator installed
8. 100m Hard wired reel with foldable manual handle
1. EOD Commander : 305 X 269 X 145mm
2. Hard wired reel : 280 X 244 X 290mm

EOD-Response Tool Kit R.S.P.

A kit with all necessary tools for EOD-response operations housed in a rugged box.  

Weight: approx. 45 kg

Hook & Line Kit 2

Technical specifications:

2 Reels

• Durchmesser 280mm Main Line 5mm fitted with Snap Hook

• Diameter 5mm

• Length 120m2 Rope Pulling Handles

• Material: Aluminium

• Weight: normal / small 70g / 52g

• Size: normal / small 189 x 17 mm / 95 x17mm4 Snatch Blocks / Pulleys

• L x W x D 77 x 45 x 30 mm

• Sheave diameter 30mm

• Line diameter up to 13mm 12 Hooks Weight Qty Small single plain 36g 2 Medium single plain 43g 2 Medium double plain 55g 2 Large single plain 73g 2 Medium double barbed tang 55g 2Triple barb 25 Eyes

• Diameter 25mm

• Weight 45g6 Rope Slings Length Qty Rope sling 3mm 2m 2 Rope sling 4mm 2m 2 Rope sling 5mm 2m 26 Wire Sling Length Qty Drahtschlinge 1,5mm 2m 2 Drahtschlinge 2mm 2m 2 Drahtschlinge 3mm 2m 29 Pitons Weight Qty big 66g 3 medium 62g 3 small 57g 33 Suction Pads Weight Qty Single 330g 2 Double 581g 14 Aluminium Screwgate Karabiners

• Weight 100g

• Opening 25mm

• Breaking load 25kN8 Shock Cords Length Qty Shock Cord 10mm 1m 2 Shock Cord 10mm 2m 22  Cantilever Clamps

• Length 220mm

• Maximum jaw opening 50mm

• Weight 770g

• Maximum working load 50kg 2 Self Locking Forceps

• Length 175mm

• Jaw length 35mm

• Elongation up to 200% under tension 2 Self Locking Mole Grips with Eye

• Eye diameter 25mm Plastic Case with Foam Cutout Kit 2 weight: 12,6 kg21

Mirror Search Kit

340 x 280 cm flat acrylic mirror

Light weight telescopic pole up to 140 cm extended

12V 8 W fluorescent tube

12V 2Ah Accu

Weight 4,200 kg

40 mm diameter plano screw fitting mirror

65 mm diameter plano screw fitting mirror

100 mm diameter plano screw fitting mirror

140 mm diameter plano screw fitting mirror

65 x 120 mm plano screw fitting

mirror 3m telescope illuminated mirrors exchangeable

Bomb Blanket 500m/s 150 x 150cm Bomb Blanket 610m/s 150 x 150cm Bomb Blanket 500m/s 120 x 120cm Bomb Blanket 610m/s 120 x 120cm Bomb Blanket 610m/s 200 x 150cm

The blanket is designed to protect property and personnel from blast and fragmentation occurring when an IED is set off. It may also be used as a ballistic blanket in certain vehicle applications. The blanket itself is manufactured from a nylon outer cover, which offers a waterproof protective layer to the Aramid layers inside.

EOD - Trailer HSI-2

Container Steel funnel / Double wall

Gap between walls with spacers

Loading and un-Loading: manually using ropes, from a max. distance of 50m

Trailer: Two axles with overrun brakes / Height adjustable towing-bar

Exchangeable for: - ball-shaped coupling


Measured Length 4.100mm

Width 2.200mm

Height 1.900mm (with inserted lifting mechanism)

Height 3.100mm (with extended lifting mechanism)

Total weight1.400kg



This is the world’s first EOD market set made specifically for tactical bomb technicians. Originally designed in collaboration with the tactical bomb technicians of paris, France. A simple and intuitive alternatve to chemical light sticks. Replacing chemical-sticks with reusable EOD MARKER can add up to a significant cost savings at the end of the year. A specific shape has been given to each color (Marine code) in order to allow the operator to select the correct marker in his deployment pouch, without any visual. 



Easily scan doorways, halls or stair in one time. EOD techs use to illuminate and fluoresce trip and command wires. The DFD laser paints a brilliant 60 degree fanned vertical green laser line, measuring 15’ at 15’ distant. Easily scan doorways, halls or stairwells with one pass. The DFD laser is designed to be used for trip wire searches in a high speed assault atmosphere. Bomb techs don’t have all day to clear areas during assaults because of the fast pace. This tool allows quick scanning of the area in a fraction of time spent using a greed dot laser. 



The GARCLEM is the first system to neutralize tripwires. The kit consists of two plates that can be fixed using different supports and that pinch the tripwire. This procedure allows the operator to secure the wire from each side and then cut it in the middle to get a free way. 



This kit provides the robot user with the greatest ease, speed, and versatility of any gripper tool on the market. The highest quality materials, vigorous testing make this kit a first and final choice for UGV operators. Custom engineered blocks easily fit within or attach to the grippers. Custom gripper blocks have been designed to outfit most of the hazardous duty robots used throughout the world. 

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