The primary purpose of the BEAST is to complement and augment the EOD technician when performing remote reconnaissance, access, render safe, "pick up and carry away" (PUCA), and disposal during extremely hazardous explosive ordnance missions. The BEAST is used by EOD personnel at incident sites that are extremely hazardous. Many of these hazards/risks are of unknown nature.
The BEAST is based on a remote controlled Bobcat excavator E331 system and features a tray of tools including:
■ Hydraulic Hammer.
■ CC40 Hydraulic Cutter.
■ Trenching – Bucket.
■ Hydraulic Clamp.
■ Cultivator.
■ Grapple.
■ Auger.
■ ANDROS Hydraulic Manipulator.


The Remotec ANDROS Wolverine is the workhorse robot that won’t quit until you do. This heavy-duty, all-terrain robot brings superior strength and manipulator dexterity to your longest, most intense missions.


Andros Robots have more quick connect accessories and tools than any other robot manufacturer. We have developed a vast array of tools and accessories to remotely solve nearly any problem.

■ Dual mobility capability: quick release pneumatic wheels for rapid width reduction and patented articulating track to traverse rough terrain
■ Manipulator arm with 7 degrees of freedom ensuring optimum dexterity
■ JAUS (Joint Architecture for Unmanned System) software operating system
■ Multi-mission tool/sensor mounts with plug and play capabilities
■ Rotation: grip rotation – continuous 360º; torso rotation +/- 90º
■ On screen graphics showing vehicle orientation, feedback from on-board sensors and errors and failures of joints
■ Improved menu system
■ 9 factory position presets and up to 10 user-defined position presets
■ 7 firing circuits
■ New Tac-1 operator control unit with 21cm integrated LCD monitor making it hand portable and user-friendly


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