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X-Ray & Scenners

Cargo and Vehicle Inspection

DTP Series offers a wide range of solutions to the problem of scanning cargo effectively. All the versions offer effective Drive-Thru Portal technology.

This improves the throughput of the solution and allows the choice of scanning the cabin or not.

The range is from the DTP200M which is designed to be set up in 3 hours and can scan occupied cars and passenger vehicles through to the DTP 9000MG that can penetrate up to 300mm of steel and can be adapted to scan large trailers and rail cargo.  Adani will work with the customer or system integrator to develop a solution that will best meet the cargo scanning needs and increase revenue generation, decrease loss through theft or identify attempts to import or export of prohibited items or illegal migrants.

Checkpoint X-Ray Inspection System

This dual energy compact X-Ray scanner with a tunnel size of 610 mm x 450 mm is desiged to meet the inspection needs of mail, small parcels, hand-held baggage and other small items.  Dual energy imaging provides automatic color coding of materials with different atomic numbers so that screeners can easily identify objects within the parcel. Equipped with bi-directional operational control, an ergcnomic design of the operator console and operator-assisting software features, the BV 6045 provides a high security solution at a low ownership cost.


Checkpoint X-Ray Inspection System

These dual energy X-ray scanners with a tunnel size of  1010 mm x 1010 mm and a low conveyer belt are especially designed for customers requiring  inspection of checked baggage and small cargo.

The low conveyor belt allows for easy loading and unloading of parcels and small cargo.  Dual energy imaging provides automatic color coding of materials with different atornic numbers so that screeners can easily identify objects within the parcel.


Checkpoint X-Ray Inspection System

Conpass is a full body general use personnel screening system which provides advanced security to locate threats and contraband concealed in body cavities, artificial lirnbs, prosthetic devices or on a person.  Conpass is based on patented X-Ray transmission techology, which eliminates pat-down searches and dramatically increases checkpoint efficiency.  With the non-intrusive scan, using a dose compatible to 2-minutes flight on an airplane, the Conpass provides a high-resolution, head to toe image of the person in just seven seconds.

Using our proprietary image processing algorithms ensures high image for concealed objects, hidden on the body or inside the body or inside body cavities.

X-ray inspection system

Dimensions: L 4020mm, W 2400mm, H 2500mm
Equipment: Rolling shutter for equipment room, lockable
door for operator area, windows, fluorescent lights, mobile
separation between equipment and operator room
Tested and approved by Italian Civil Motorization
Conveyor belt
Handling: Tilting, with manual handling
Balancing: Gas springs
Maximum Load: 160Kg
Maximum slope: 25 degrees
Belt speed: 0.2m/sec.
Belt width: 900mm
Locking: In vertical position with safety-clutch
Output roller
Handling: Tilting, with manual handling
Frame: Metal sheet with free rollers
Width: 900mm
Locking: In vertical position with safety-clutch
Power generator
Generator C.A.: Synchronous, autoexcited and regulated
8.2kW, 230V, 50Hz
Engine: 3 cylinder., Diesel, water cooled, electric starter
Acoustic power level: 62dB (A) at 7m
Connection to main with roll away cable.
Operator control room air conditioning system
Cooling power: 2.7kW
Equipment: External and internal units with remote control

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