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Improving Underwater Vision

LYYN provides enhanced visibility to the remote operations. In real-time. Shortening operation times. Increasing quality of inspections and documentation. Pushing the usage of underwater video.

When Visibility may be poor, because of sediments or algae in the water or lack of light. This means that survey techniques that work well on land generally cannot be used effectively under water. This is where LYYN™ products can make an important contribution.

By reducing visibility problems you will get results where you would not without LYYN. This means higher quality in the inspection result, reducing inspection time and costs. Drastically


  • LYYN provides real-time enhanced visibility to remote operations, shortening operation times and increasing quality of inspections and documentation. LYYN pushes the boundaries of underwater video usage.

  • LYYN technology comes as stand-alone products that connect directly into the divers video feed. Just plug LYYN into your topside monitor and the diving supervisor and client will have a better view in real-time.

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