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Unique telescopic design and patented reduced-energy technology.  These non-lethal rounds are fired with

a weapon conversion kit for safe and reliable training.

FX 5.56

Designed using the simunition patented reduced energy cartridge and works with a conversion bolt, increasing safety and ensuring proper weapon function .


CQT- The solution for CQB (close quarter battle).

The solution for urban training.


Designed using the Simunition patented reduced-energy cartridge principles and works with a weapon conversion kit, increasing safety and ensuring proper weapon functioning.


SIMUNITION® believes that realism is the most important aspect of effective law enforcement and military training.  Based on the concept of realistic training, SIMUNITION® has developed conversion kits which allow users to train safely with their own service weapons and duty equipment. These innovative and high-quality kits ensure the proper operationand cycling of converted weapons with FX® and CQT® training ammunition, both of which produce a realistic recoil and function in single-shot, burst and full-automatic mode.  Most SIMUNITION® conversion kits are easy to install and require no special tools.  Simple, yet reliable and safe, these kits require replacing the duty barrel on most pistols and the upper receiver for rifles and carbines, installing safety rings in revolvers and a safety adapter in shotguns. Weapons can be quickly converted back to operational status once training is over. The kits are made from the same type of high-strength materials as duty weapons and are designed with various safety features to help preclude the chambering and firing of lethal, live ammunition.


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