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Safe Harbur

H.B.A. is world-renowned for maritime protection solutions, providing complete protection including technology integration, installation of systems capable of locating suspicious objects, screening and perimeter security, observation systems, identification, interception, training of Special Forces, underwater and maritime threat solutions.  We provide consultation for ports, Special Forces, strategic installations, gas and oil drilling rigs.


H.B.A. has developed "Lighthouse" – a system that locates and classifies suspicious cargo in accordance with the customer's criteria.


Our "Lighthouse" defence system is a combination and synchronization of DATA that is capable of identifying cargo arriving in the port according to predetermined parameters.  H.B.A. provides a complete automatic solution from the moment of detection up to the screening and checking stage.


The "Lighthouse" is an important tool for every port.  It works by synchronizing existing clients' data systems, adapted to the client's work method and provides proven solutions:


  • A combination of DATA and receipt of real-time information regarding incoming goods.


  • Location and classification of suspicious cargo according to client's criteria.


  • Fast and automatic handling of suspicious cargo.


  • Shortening of container storage time on the docks.


  • Faster and improved overall handling of ship and speedy release to next stage.


  • More efficient Customs and logistics process.


  • Cooperation with outside entities regarding vital/important data.


  • Conforms to international standards, i.e. ISPS and improves port category on international levels.

Level 1

Risk Assesmant System

Level 2

Agent Evaluation

Level 3

Screening + Document Check

Level 4

Manual Inspection

Level 5


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