The FUSION is a fresh approach to underwater vehicles that exemplifies design, capability and intuitiveness.  A departure from a traditional flexible platform to a tightly integrated system that is built around a high-end suite of sensors.  Exhaustive attention to detail at every level establishes FUSION as the benchmark for professional unmanned underwater vehicles.

  • Elegant Design Innovative technical solutions are implemented into the FUSION to maximize capability while minimizing maintenance. The use of composite materials, the elimination of cables, the tool-less design approach and the bespoke sensors form a new standard in underwater vehicles. Sophisticated and simple.

  • Operator in Mind Thousands of hours of field experience are embodied in the small details, with the understanding that not all operators are as experienced as others. This makes the FUSION not only intuitive to operate, but also practical to maintain.

  • Automated Control & Navigation Capitalizing on the high end sensor suite, a clever automation and control system brings a new era in stability and ease of operation. The use of sensor integration, efficient mechanical design and clever algorithms make the FUSION a simple to operate yet robust underwater vehicle