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The FUSION is a fresh approach to underwater vehicles that exemplifies design, capability and intuitiveness.  A departure from a traditional flexible platform to a tightly integrated system that is built around a high-end suite of sensors.  Exhaustive attention to detail at every level establishes FUSION as the benchmark for professional unmanned underwater vehicles.

  • Elegant Design Innovative technical solutions are implemented into the FUSION to maximize capability while minimizing maintenance. The use of composite materials, the elimination of cables, the tool-less design approach and the bespoke sensors form a new standard in underwater vehicles. Sophisticated and simple.

  • Operator in Mind Thousands of hours of field experience are embodied in the small details, with the understanding that not all operators are as experienced as others. This makes the FUSION not only intuitive to operate, but also practical to maintain.

  • Automated Control & Navigation Capitalizing on the high end sensor suite, a clever automation and control system brings a new era in stability and ease of operation. The use of sensor integration, efficient mechanical design and clever algorithms make the FUSION a simple to operate yet robust underwater vehicle





FIFISH V6 EXPERT is a professional-class underwater robot and multi-capable tool for enhancing your underwater missions and operations. The V6 EXPERT can be equipped with an onshore power supply system that delivers optimal diving performance and operating time.

  • 12 Megapixel Resolution

  • 166° FOV Wide-Angle Lens

  • 4K UHD Camera

  • 6000 Lumen LED Lights

  • DNG (RAW) Format Support

  • 240 FPS Slo-Mo Capture

  • Secure SD Card Slot

  • 360° Omnidirectional Movement

  • Posture Lock

  • Depth Lock

  • 3 Knots (1.5m/s)

  • Q-IF Multi-Tool Extension Interface

  • Secure & Fast Charging

  • Onshore Power Supply System(Optional)



FIFISH PRO W6 is an industrial-class ROV platform, equipped with an all-new powerful and patented Q-Motor system, a diving depth of 350 meters, powerful operating features and tools, as well as intelligent stabilization systems against strong currents. The W6 uses an innovative modular design and interface that enables seamless attachments, replacements, and removal of parts and accessories for a range of industrial underwater applications. Operate with power, precision, and efficiency.

5x Q-IF Interface Ports for Multi-Tool Integrations

FIFISH PRO W6 is an advanced ROV platform that can be highly customized towards a diverse range of industry-specific applications. Its five-interface port system provides the pilot the ability to add on and operate with different tools simultaneously, elevating the efficiency of underwater operations and expanding its applications across various professional fields

Station Lock System

The FIFISH PRO W6’s Station Lock algorithm is an adaptive and intuitive system, locking the ROV position underwater and precisely returning to its locked position against any interferences from the underwater environments. Execute and deliver inspections with exceptional stability, smoothness, and precision.

Identify Structures & Landscapes with Sonar Imaging

The 2D and 3D image sonar equipment can be integrated into the FIFISH PRO W6, providing the operator the ability to perform, scan and inspect underwater environments in dark and turbid conditions. Get detailed visual data of the surrounding seabed areas and operate the oceans with great stability and efficiency.

Real-Time Location Data with The Quick Positioning System (U-QPS)

The U-QPS is a software and hardware ecosystem that provides a 3D map of the FIFISH ROV’s real-time location, POI recordings, three-dimensional dive paths, as well as a one-click function for returning to its original location. The QYSEA-designed software applications deliver an enhanced operating and inspecting experience for the ROV pilot.

Intuitive Sonar Array System

The Sonar Array System is a QYSEA patented algorithm that includes the smart distance lock, altitude lock, collision avoidance, and terrain scanning functions. These innovative features are adaptive as well as intuitive to the surrounding underwater environments, enhancing the piloting experience through simplifying and automating certain complexities of the missions.



FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS is an expert in advanced underwater solutions. With a diving depth of 150 meters an the all-new integration of our innovative Q-motor stabilization system, elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your underwater operations.

Intelligent Distance & Altitude Lock

The distance lock and Altitude Lock sonar system measure the forward distance and the downward altitude in real-time. Through distance lock and Altitude Lock, the difficulty of operation is reduced, and various inspections are more efficient and accurate.

Real-Time Location Data

Utilizing the QYSEA patented Underwater Quick Positioning System (U-QPS), identify, track and record data on the ROV’s underwater position in real-time.

Omnidirectional Movement

The FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS delivers 6 degrees of freedom. As free as fish, achieve all types and angles of movement, from rolls & pitches to yaws & sideway glides. With the posture lock system, secure the angle of your drone as you move in any direction across the oceans in your operations.

Maximize Your Operations & Dive Sessions

FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS’s Q-Motor system helps to optimize your diving time during heavy usage in a wide range of underwater applications. Experience a further boost in operating time with the Onshore Power Supply System that delivers long-lasting and uninterrupted diving sessions.

Our systems are safe, reliable, secure, anti-leak, and anti-shock, providing excellent quality for worry-free operations.

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