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Less Lethal



• The First Defense® 360° design allows deployment of OC formulas from any angle

• The unique system ensures all the OC is delivered on target

• Accurate delivery formula in a stream pattern under adverse conditions


• Proven actuator / safety

• Options in formula and delivery system

• Designed to work with multiple carrier sizes


• Proven actuator / safety

• Options in formula and delivery system

• Extended stand-off from threats

INERT Training Unit

• Duplicates the delivery system of live products

• Provides safe application on targets during training

• Key tool for the development of deployment and decision making skills


DIRECT IMPACT® Inert, OC, Marking, CS

• Direct fire munitions with payload options

• Accurate to 120 feet / 36.6 meters

• Crushing nose dampens blunt trauma while delivering payload

• Passed extensive human effects assessments for blunt impact and penetration


OC, CS, marking, inter

eXact iMpact™ LE 40 mm Extended Range Sponge Round

The eXact iMpact™ 40 mm Sponge Round is a point-of-aim, point-of-impact direct-fire round. This lightweight, high-speed projectile consisting of a plastic body and sponge nose that is spin stabilized via the incorporated rifling collar and the 40 mm launcher's rifled barrel. The round utilizes smokeless powder as the propellant, and, therefore, have velocities that are extremely consistent. Used for Crowd Control, Patrol, and Tactical Applications.

OC, CS, marking, inter


• Highly accurate regardless of heat or cold conditions

• Combined green/UV marking system provides lingering evidence of contact

• Optimal energy range 20 to 50 feet


• Will fire from 37 mm or 40 mm launcher

• One munitions family for composite teams using different equipment

• Transition munitions while changing from 37 mm to 40 mm systems


Rubber Ball Grenade

• Area deployment device

• Maximum stimulus overload via light, sound, impact and agent delivery

• Launcher-deliverable device



• Delivers three pyrotechnic sub-munitions

• Minimizes throw back effect

• Launching capabilities utilizing Defense Technology® launching cups

• CN products are a special order product; add 30 days to order lead time

NON-PYROTECHNIC - Chemical Devices

• Muzzle blast deploys agent directly on suspect or to area

• Heavy concentrations of payload

• Immediately contaminates the area

• Instantaneous blast dumps agent from grenade without a pyrotechnic charge

• Muzzle blast can be used to fill in weak areas of a release line

• CN products are a special order product; add 30 days to order lead time


Non-Pyrotechnic Chemical Grenade

• Uses a CO2 cartridge to dispense the powder payloads

• Agent deployment is ideal for clearing confined spaces such as attics and subfloors

• This instantaneous deployment is effective up to 1500 sq feet

• No fire danger

• CN products are a special order product; add 30 days to order lead time

Pyrotechnic OUTDOOR

• High volume pyrotechnic grenades

• Delivers large plumes of smoke and agent

• Utilizes standard fuze• New launchable configuration utilizing DefenseTechnology® launching cups

• Military canister style



• 11-Gram Low Roll II™ non-reloadable Distraction Device®

• Produces 175 dB of sound output

• Produces 6 - 8 million candelas for 10 milliseconds

• Utilizes standard military-style fuze

• Smaller profile, superior performance

• Hex design reduces rolling when deployed

WallBanger™ Breaching Tool (Shown)

• A multi-mission tool that breaches secured areas

• Conduct “break and rake” mission while safely deploying a Distraction Device® unit

• Introduce OC from more than 15 feet away

• Breach locked doorways

• Cut fighting port through interior walls


40 mm Launcher

• Open top, single shot, breech fed system

• Offers a single and double action trigger

• 40 mm rifled barrel enhances the superb accuracy of the munitions

• Picatinny rail and ghost ring sighting system

37 mm Full Stock Gas Launcher

• Offers a single and double action trigger

• Smooth bore

• Fixed front and rear leaf sights

• Full stock with integrated pistol grip



The technologically advanced, patented AutoLock baton is ready at hand when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. It’s easy to expand and when it’s time to close, simply push the button in the end cap.

No need to look for a hard surface to collapse the baton.

• The locking mechanism ensures the baton will stay locked open while striking, blocking or jabbing

• Open passively or in a high-profile manner

• Rotating shafts help maintain control of the baton during a struggle

• Choose from a variety of tips and grips

Lock Batons - Classic Friction

The Classic Friction Lock Baton gives you confidence, comfort and choices.  With a wide variety of tips, grips, finishes and sizes, you can select the baton that’s right for you and your duty requirements.

• The distinct sound of the baton expanding sends a signal to the suspect that you are armed and ready

• When you want to maintain the element of surprise, pull the shaft out by the patented Power Safety Tip®, which provides more weight-forward kinetic energy, allowing the baton to open faster in a combat situation. Safety Tip® also available

• Standard tip is open with a flick of the wrist

• Comfortable to carry and easily opened with a flick of the wrist

• Morse tapers, the tight locking joints, make the baton feel solid in your hand

• The end cap utilizes a bore guide that centers the tip end shaft over the retention spring, helping to prevent retention-spring breakage that often occurs in non-Monadnock end-cap designs

• Choose from a variety of tips and grips

PR - 24 - Control Batons

 In law enforcement there’s no room for second guessing. You’ve got to have that same confidence in your equipment. That’s why more agencies choose PR-24® Control batons, the most field-tested batons ever made.

• PR-24 side-handle batons offer maximum protection and the professional advantage

• Most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking

• Rigid and expandable models available

• Expandable baton is combat ready with a flick of your wrist and closes easily with the push of a button

• Positive-locking baton is designed for close-quarter confrontations

• Trumbull Stop handle keeps the baton in your hand, and increases baton retention and subject-control

Hard Shell Riot Control System

For hard-shell protection without sacrificing mobility. The cost-effective, lightweight ExoTech® System can be quickly donned or doffed with ease for rapid riot control response.

• The back panel features attachment points to accommodate the HUEX100 Hydration System

• Provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma

• Contour molded polyethylene outer shell features impact ridges that disperse the brunt of the blows

• EVA foam inner padding cushions the body

• Soft brushed tricot and mesh lines the inside to reduce abrasion and provide long-term comfort

• Each piece of the ExoTech system fastens and adjusts quickly with durable polypropylene and elastic straps with hook and loop closures, allowing a custom fit for a wide variety of body types

Sopt Shell Riot Control System

This protective piece is a must for riot control and cell extractions, effectively protecting the torso and shoulders from blunt force trauma. The lightweight, cellular pad design provides ample protection and allows excellent mobility.  Includes attachment points for our HUEX100 Hydration System.


• All shields meet ASTM D3763 and ASTM D1929 standards

• Shields are shipped disassembled

• Optional decals are available as shown below

Tactical Helmets

Monadnock® non-ballistic tactical helmets offer the critical features and protection required by response teams today. They meet or exceed the NIJ 0104.02 (Riot) and NIJ0105.01 (Crash) standards. All models have the following features: Sizing Note: Be sure to measure head circumference to ensure proper helmet size

• Non-ballistic materials, lightweight construction for comfort

• Expanded polystyrene liner for added protection

• Three shell sizes: S/M - 6 1/2" -7 3/8"; L/XL - 7 1/2" - 7 3/4"; Jumbo - 7 7/8" - 8 1/4"

• Choice of Sizing Strips or Combi Fit Pad System (except TR-I)

• All models with tactical face shield include liquid seal protection

• Available with non removable riot skirt with ear orifices; except SWAT2000/2001

• Available in flat black or flat navy• Optional accessories available

Handcuffs - Standard Chain Style/Oversized Chain Style

• Top-quality, heavy-duty steel construction

• 18-tooth, 3-retaining-bar system for uncompromising security

• Built-in backloading for fast cuffing

• Reinforced steel swivels for added strength and durability

• 17% larger than the standard model

• Ideal for restraining larger subjects

• 18-tooth, 3-retaining-bar system for uncompromising security

• Positive swing-through action

• Built-in backloading for fastcuffing

• Available in Nickel or Black

Handcuffs - Steloy Hinge Style

• Top quality, heavy-duty, steel and Steloy construction

• Steloy material makes the handcuff 40% lighter and 17% larger than standard cuffs

• Solid links connect the cuffs as opposed to the roller chain

• Heavy-duty, solid hinges for reinforced holding power

• Hinged models provide greater subject control

l• 18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar system for uncompromising security

• Positive swing-through action

• Built-in backloading for fast cuffing

• Reinforced steel swivels for added strength and durability

• Available in Nickel or Black

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