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Green Elite™ TR & NT

International’s Green Elite™ TR-

Training Ammunition was created
to give officers the confidence to be capable of
performing under high stress situations.


Green Elite™ NT

100% lead-free round. From bullet to primer, this
round is the leading technology
in the field of environmentally
safe training ammunition.

Green Elite™ TR & FR

Training & Duty Rifle Ammunition is designed to deliver enhanced accuracy, with increased velocities at reduced pressures.  In addition, the controlled fragmentation properties of the RTP (reduced tactical penetrator)

allow tactical training on steel targets, which reduces splash-back and virtually eliminates damage to 1/4” AR 500 steel targets.  Combined with the Lead-Free technology, the ammunition is designed for both training and duty applications.  Green Elite™ TR & FR Training & Duty RTP Rifle Ammunition is specically designed for every day use in patrol scenarios, as well as an elite tactical round for entry teams, SWAT teams and hostage barricade teams.

The controlled penetration technology, combined with the fragmentation properties, reduce the potential for injury / damage from shoot throughs and ricochet.

Green Elite™ Training & Duty

International’s Green Elite™ Frangible Shotgun Ammunition sets the standard in pattern size and
low recoil. These frangible rounds are safe for use on 1/4” AR 500 steel, with reduced splash-back,
and virtually eliminate damage to targets. Our rounds allow officers to train tactically in close-quarters,
which was never possible with conventional rounds.

Our ammunition will help create confidence with more realistic training scenarios.

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