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Crime Scene Documentation - Evidence Collection

Pre-Numbered Versa-Cones

Get our popular Versa-Cones pre-printed with numbers on all four sides.  Because a number appears on each face, you can easily capture all desired photo angles without stopping to reposition the cone.  Designed not to move, slide or tip-over even in extremely windy conditions, the Versa-Cones aid in marking multiple categories of evidence. Holes in the top of each cone can be used for crime scene flags. Versa-Cones are stackable, compact and durable.

Master EVI-PAQ®Photo / Documentation Kit

This comprehensive photo documentation kit includes everything needed to document the most complex crime scenes, and includes our industry favorite EVI-PAQ® ID Tents and Adhesive ID Marker Kit.

1 — Kit Box E, 19”L x 11.5”W x 10.5”H

(48.3cm x 29.2cm x 26.7cm)

• ID Tents, cut-out 1–60, yellow

• 3-part scale — metric

• 100’ tape measure

• 12’ tape measure

• Adhesive ID Marker Kit (#AMB-COMBO)

• Large photo ID card

• ID flat markers, 6 arrows (3 North)

1 — Kit Box B, 10.375”L x 4.625”W x 1.6875”H

(26.4cm x 11.cm7 x 4.3cm)

• Large number photo tape

• 20mm scales, roll of 150

• Two ABFO photomacrographic scales

• 2" scales, roll of 150

• 6’ rulers, assorted colors, 12-pack


AccuTrans is a highly-sensitive, DNA-friendly casting material for tool marks, firearms and lifting latent prints from difficult surfaces.  Casting material comes in dual-stage tubes, which include casting material and catalyst.  When utilized, casting material and catalyst are mixed on demand through a unique mixing tip.  No hand mixing is required and casting material is only used as needed.  Casting material won’t dry in the tube if the tip is left on. Replace the tip when ready to make another cast. Each kit includes two tubes of AccuTrans, one applicator gun, 40 mixing tips and a carrying case.

• Provides extremely fine detail

• Less than 0.2 percent shrinkage rate

• Won’t run and releases easily from metal surfaces

• Doesn’t sweat (dried material won’t adhere to other casting material after drying)

• Remains elastic, yet retains its original shape

Traxtone® — 14 Percent More Casting Material

Now available in both our standard green color and a new buff color, Traxtone is a die stone dental stone material that produces highly detailed impressions with minimum setting time.  Casting material is pre-measured in special 2lbs (.9kg) mixing bags. Simply add water and begin mixing.  Special pigment flakes embedded inside the casting material indicate when the Traxtone is sufficiently mixed.  Once all the pigment flakes have been blended into the mixture, it is ready to pour.  Setting time is approximately 20–30 minutes. Because each bag is self-contained, Traxtone is easy to store and transport. There is no need to repackage bulk material and no need to worry about moisture. Traxtone provides superior detail reproduction and durability and has a higher compression strength than most casting materials at 18,000 psi.


Each Traxtone kit includes five bags of Traxtone, a measuring cup for water, a bottle of hair spray to hold loose dirt and sand in place before casting, and a 12” (30.5cm) wooden ruler. Bulk Traxtone bags are also available as refills. Traxtone is also available in bulk material. See below for details.

3M ™ Vacuum Collection System

Pick up minute particles as small as 0.1 micron in size (about ¼ thediameter of an average human hair) with this complete vacuum system.  Each individually wrapped, cleanroom-sealed filter nozzle is designed to be used once and submitted to the crime lab for examination using the included evidence bag.  Use a new filter nozzle each time to minimize the chance of cross-contamination.   The 15’ (4.5m) power cord and 8’ (2.4m) hose are contained inside the compact vacuum case for convenient storage and transport.  Filter nozzles measure 4” (10cm) in diameter. The internal filter should be changed as airflow decreases.  Vacuum includes a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Buccal Swab Collection Kit

Used to collect Buccal cells for DNA processing, this kit does not require medical personnel for sample collection.  Simply follow the included directions to collect a sample by rubbing the included swabs inside the subject’s mouth.  Each kit includes gloves, documentation forms and security labels.  Place the swab in the inner envelope, seal it with the enclosed evidence seals and send to your lab.

The Seeker 300 Video Borescope System

The Seeker 300 Video Borescope System is ideal for use in the visual inspection of hard to reach or otherwise inaccessible areas including walls, ductwork, electrical panels and auto dashboards.  It offers a large 3.5-inch LCD color monitor and includes 3ft, 12mm flexible probe that retains the shape you need. The LCD screen offers crystal clear images and the adjustable LED lights illuminate even the darkest areas bright enough for accurate inspection. The probe and camera are water, oil and dust proof.This Video Borescope Kit also includes a 9v battery, mirror, hook, magnet, manual and sturdy case. Battery powered. AC adaptor included.


Perfect Print™ Pads

Perfect Print ink pads, from Identicator®, can be used on any plain paper and produce sharp, black fingerprints. The hard, ceramic surfacefeatures micropores which allow ink to quickly rise to the surface of the pad and prevents worn or dry spots from forming on the pad overtime. More importantly, however, the unique micropores in the ceramic surface regulate the flow of ink, preventing fingers from becoming over-inked, resulting in unacceptable prints.  Once ink is applied to the fingerprint card, it dries almost instantly, making it almost impossible to smudge or smear the fingerprint. Clean up is simple. Simply rub the fingers together or wipe clean with a cloth. No special hand cleaners are required. Best of all, the pads won’t dry out over time, regardless if they are left open or unused. Available in four different sizes toaccommodate any application. The large PI 30 pad features mounting brackets for adhering to a work surface.

I.D. Print® Pads

The I.D. Print system is a unique method of producing permanent, high contrast black fingerprints without the mess of inks. Ideal for use at banks,retail establishments and in child identification programs, individuals simply press a finger onto an I.D. Print pad and then onto a special chemicallytreated card or label. Prints appear immediately, but leave no discoloration or residue on the fingers. The resultant prints dry instantly. The pads feature a unique ceramic insert, which prevents the inkless solution from evaporating over time and it assures that the inkless solution only coats the ridges of the fingers, producing perfect prints every time.

Dual Cardholder Kit

Everything needed for a beginning fingerprinting program, this portable kit includes Perfect Print™ pad, a box of 500 ReTabs and 50 PrePrint™ skin conditioner coaters in a compact carrying and storage case lined with protective foam.

Portable Fingerprint Kit (with Folding Stand)

Same as above except this kit contains a Folding Stand with PerfectPrint pad, one box of 500 ReTabs, and 50 PrePrint towelettes in adurable plastic carrying case that is lined with protective foam.


The PrintCup™ makes coating and printing impaired fingers simple.  Allowing you to better control the application of ink to the fingers, a user simply inserts the finger into the cup.  The cup is then rolled around the finger, completely inking it. The PrintCup™ utilizes our Perfect Print™ ink, so clean-up can be accomplished by simply wiping the fingers with a cloth. A postmortem card strip holder(above) with adhesive or postmortem cardstrips can be used to record the inked fingerprints. Each PrintCup™ yields approximately 650 individual prints.

Lab Equipment

Aura Ductless Hoods

Misonix ductless fume hoods are self-contained, filtered enclosures thatremove hazardous fumes, vapors and particles from virtually any laboratoryapplication. Unlike traditional fume hoods there are no installation costs orductwork needed. Aura models are the most well constructed and durableductless hoods on the market today. The base section is made from highgrade aluminum with an acrylic sash and side panels. The head section(fan, filter and microprocessor control housing) is encased in a sturdy aluminumframe with a powder coated finish. These materials were chosenfor both strength and stability. Misonix units are made in the USA and builtto last.

The units are available in three sizes and feature Misonix Advance FilterMonitoring System which includes:

• Digital display of airflow velocity

• Audible and visual alarms for low airflow and hydrocarbonbreakthrough

• Filter saturation alarms, display of filter type, and safety filter toprevent chemical breakthrough even after main filters  

  arecompletely saturated

• Sensor that adjusts blower speed to maintain air velocity

• Time tracking of filter use

• ASHRAE 110-1995 Certified

• UL Listed

• Meets applicable OSHA and ANZI Standards

The Seeker 300 Video Borescope System

Our Misonix FE-2620 model chemical workstation is a compact, economicalalternative for capturing fumes and particulate matter. Just like our largermodels, this lightweight version is constructed from durable epoxy coatedmetal. The base section is a one-piece acrylic frame with a hinged sash for easyaccess to the interior of the hood. The head and base can be easily separatedfor moving or storing the unit when not in use. A special feature of this unitis the adjustable air speed control. Air velocity can be adjusted from 0–120fpm. This is especially useful for powder weighing when the hood is used as abalance enclosure. A variety of filter options are available for chemical or particlecontainment. Options include fluorescent lighting and a spill tray.

Misonix Fuming Chamber

Safely fuming evidence with consistent, reproducible results has neverbeen easier. Simply place the evidence in the chamber, add superglue tothe heating element and push the start button. Within minutes, high qualitylatent fingerprints develop. Our exclusive, self-contained ductless designand filter ensure that hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes are safely captured.Going one-step further in safety, our patented recirculating filtration systemensures the hazardous fumes are not released back into the room. Precisehumidity control, a high temperature heating element and an internalcirculation fan provide complete and ultra-safe control of the fumingprocess. Durable, powder-coated steel and safety glass construction,microprocessor controls and a locking system to prevent accidentalexposure combine to offer unsurpassed performance and safety.

Narcotics Identification

NIK® Master-Pac™

The NIK Master-Pac is recommended for military, law enforcement,intelligence, customs, postal service, correctional facilities and safety/security investigations where the need for complete polytesting isanticipated. It can also be used effectively in hospital, paramedic andother emergency applications where drug overdose is suspected. Thiskit presumptively identifies 25 controlled substances.

• Two boxes each of Tests A and E

• One box each of Tests B, C, D, G, H, J, K, L and U

• One box of Acid Neutralizer (Test F)

• Polytesting Report Pad

• Identidrug™ Desk Chart

• Narcotic Field Test Training CD

DrugCheck® NxScan Onsite Flat Panel Test Cup

One of the easiest to use onsite testing products on the market now comes in a flat panel cup for easycopying or scanning for a permanent record.The NxScan collection cup and testing device deliversinstant, accurate results and process convenience, including a ‘lay flat’ design for improved recordkeeping.As with other DrugCheck test cups, the NxScan self-contained urinalysis screening devicedetects the presence of drug metabolites in minutes, using SAMHSA cutoff levels. All NxScan drugtest cups are 100 percent made in the USA. What distinguishes DrugCheck NxScan test cups fromother on-site products is its ease of use.

DrugCheck products are ONLY sold in cases of 25. DrugCheck’s patented technology requires:

• No handling or manipulation to activate testing

• No tipping or tilting cup to activate test

• No dipping reagent strips or test cards into specimen

• No dripping specimen with pipettes

AlcoCheck® FC90 Breath Alcohol Device

Intended to measure alcohol in the human breath, the AlcoCheck® FC90 is a handheld fuel cell sensorand, with accuracy to +/-0.005% at 0.05% BAC, is certified and approved by the U.S. Department ofTransportation (DOT) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to conform to the modelspecification for alcohol screening devices. Additional features include a display range of 0.000-0.200%BAC, an audible alarm above 0.05% BAC, a low-battery indicator, auto power-off, blowing flow detectionand will store five records.

The XCAT Applications and Technology

The XCAT is designed for sampling suspicious drugs and other substances onhands, vehicles, packages and surfaces. It is intended for presumptive testing.

The XCAT uses detection cards with specially formulated optical detection inksand software to identify characteristics unique to each individual or group ofchemically related analytes.Each analyte or group of analytes is detected with a dedicated card.

The unit uniquely identifies and analyzes each card (eg. cocaine or GSR) andreturns a red or green light signal to the user simply indicating “detection” or“no detection.”

Alternatelight  Sources

Ultraviolet Mini-Lantern

This small, portable UV light is only 6.5” (16.5cm) in length and fitseasily inside a shirt pocket. It provides sufficient ultraviolet light fordusting, searching for bodily fluid stains, confirming valid currencyand finding marks on bodies. A standard 4-Watt white light on theend acts as a flashlight for general searching. With the flip of aswitch, the user can jump between white light and ultraviolet modefor close-up examination and illumination.

The Seeker 300 Video Borescope System

The Polilight-Flare® Plus 2 is the next generation Forensic Light Source based on end-user requests and is more powerful,has a longer battery life, smaller, lighter and higher rejection of light outside the illuminating band and more batteries.

Features of the Polilight-Flare® Plus 2 -

• The continuous output power of the beam has increased by three times (except UV and purple)

• The batteries last two times longer

• The weight at 25oz (700g) has reduced by 20 percent

• It’s smaller, only 9” (23cm) compared to 10.8” (27.5cm)

• The light output is purer with rejection filters giving 10 rejection outside the band

• Each unit has its own battery, all lithium-Ion

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