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FireArms Accessories



• Tailored specifically to meet the cleaning needs of firearms that are used heavily in the field

• The police handgun kits and the shotgun kit include a 1/4" diameter, precision ground stainless steel rod

• The 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm and .30-06 kits include a solid steel, black oxide rod

• Both rods feature a muzzle guard to prevent damage to the bore and a rotating handle that provides a precise clean by    allowing the rod to tightly follow the rifling

• Each kit features a 2 oz. bottle of powerful No. 10 Copper Cutter to counter the effects of jacketed rounds

• Includes ½ oz. Break Free® Lubricant/Protectant – a synthetic oil specially formulated for modern firearms

• Kits also include 100% cotton patches, a doubled-ended nylon brush, a Silicone Gun and Reel cloth and caliber specific jags, brushes and mops

Tactical Maintenance System

 • A Universal gun care system to cover all the popular law enforcement firearms including: .223/5.56 mm, .30/7.62 mm, .38/.357/9 mm, 40/.41/10 mm,.44/45 calibers and 12 Gauge

• Rugged, zippered bi-fold pouch with internal compartments

• Five-piece steel universal cleaning rod with muzzle guard

• Six phosphor bronze brushes (popular enforcement calibers and gauges)

• Five brass patch jags

• 2 oz. No. 10 Copper Cutter Solvent

• 1⁄2 oz. Break Free® Lubricant/Protectant

• Assorted cotton patches

• Silicone Gun and Reel Cloth

• Shotgun adapter

• Shotgun patch holder

• Double-ended nylon gun brush

• Chamber-Flag

FIELD PACK Cleaning Kits

• Military-style four piece steel cleaning rod

• Shotgun accessory adapter

• Accessories adapter

• Double ended nylon bristle utility brush

• A slotted patch holder and a shotgun patch holder

• Universal cotton cleaning strips

• 1/2 oz. Break Free® CLP®

• Silicone Gun and Reel cloth

• Bore brushes sold separately

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