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Bubbles for diver tracking

• Diver Tracking System

-Made in the USA

-Teledyne Benthos acoustic technology

-1,000 meters range & 100 meters depth

-Diver Modem sends data Top-Side

-Displayed on ruggedized tablet

-3, 4, 5, and 6 diver configurations

• Topside Diver Information

-Diver Position (Range, Bearing, Depth)

-Air Pressure with optional Shearwater

-Exportable dive history

• Feedback & Improvements

-Airplane friendly batteries

-Improved situational displays with compass

-Diver lat/long position

-Distressed diver features with optional Petrel


What‘s Included

•3, 4, 5, or 6 Diver Modems

•1 Top-Side Modem

•1 Xplore ruggedized Tablet

•Diver6 software for Windows©

•1 Topside Modem Battery with charger and protective case

•Ruggedized tablet computer case

•Top-Side Modem cables

•Ruggedized laser-cut Pelican cases

•Tank mounts for Diver Modems

•Diver Modem battery chargers

•Tools and spares kit

•Users Guide

•Technical support (design engineers available)


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