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ARTEMIS PRO is a handheld underwater computer that incorporates a target detection multibeam sonar, DVL, Camera, Dive-Light, Acoustic Positioning, Data Modem and GNSS navigation aids, designed to assist divers navigate underwater or perform seabed surveying and location of objects on the seabed.

The integrated Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and Attitude Heading Reference (AHRS) sensors allows divers to swim a preset course using dead-reckoning positioning, removing the need to surface frequently and obtain a new position fixes.

Multi-beam sonar, fast frame rate sonar images in poor visability conditions.

Ÿ Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) providing navigation information from the divers swim heading, velocity and height above the seabed.

Ÿ Integrated video camera and dive light.

Ÿ GPS antenna for getting absolute diver position fixes when surfaced.

Ÿ AHRS sensors to provide magnetic heading information and monitor orientation.

Ÿ Optional Camera, Dive-Light and USBL-based Acoustic Positioning transponder 

Ÿ Immersion sensor that automatically starts data logging

Ÿ Pressure and water temperature sensors.

Ÿ Quick-change battery pack.

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