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Wireless Initiator

The system is a wireless initiator with the following characteristics:

  • A wireless single directional short range system

  • The system will be housed in a crate carried by a single soldier.

  • The kit will comprise of one control unit, 2 firing units and additional accessories which will allow efficient and safe operation of the system.

  • The system will enable wireless operation of explosives from a distance of 1-100 km.

WISe™ SC1 Remote Kit

  • No programming required, and less than 15 seconds from Off to Ready-to-Fire. POWER: Turn on Remote SELECT: Insert ST Igniter at ST1 to fire ST Mode (shock tube); remove, to fire EB Mode (electrically) CONNECT: Connect blasting load after Link LED starts flashing LINK: Generate a Secure Link by pressing & immediately releasing Arm button; wait for solid Link LED ARM: Click and maintain Arm button; wait for “ready-to-fire” vibration, and Arm LED (~6 to 9 seconds) FIRE: Maintain Arm, and click Fire; once fired, release both buttons

High Voltage Blasting Machine - BB-75 Blasting Machine

BuzzBox .jpg

Professional one shot capacitor discharge blasting machine used for igniting many igniters, e-matches, fireworks and pyrotechnics simultaneously.

The massive electrical pulse it produces allows you to fire more igniters at once than is possible with a traditional firing system.

You can also fire wide firing fronts such as mines along a bridge, fountains around a stadium or maroons across a large open space.

The high voltage pulse overcomes the resistance of long lengths of shooting wire.

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