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Tactical Armor

Shift 360

The SHIFT 360™ is a sleek and innovative plate rack design that offers the operator ultimate scalability based on mission-specific requirements. The SHIFT 360™ can be worn in its most basic form as a plate rack system with the ability to build protection by adding optional accessories to transform into a fully loaded tactical carrier.


Optional ballistic accessories include; panel inserts, outer cummerbund, yoke and lower abdomen/spine protection. In addition, accessories such as hard armor plates, ballistic belts, tactical pouches and vest support system can compliment the SHIFT 360™’s platform even further.


The SHIFT 360™ brings an unprecedented degree of choice and flexibility to officers’ protection, allowing them to bring exactly the features they need to the field: no more, no less.

FAV™ Advanced

Ballistic protection for tactical operations


The new FAV™ Advanced Webless System (AWS) continues the tradition of the FAV Family of Products by offering the latest in lightweight carrier design for high-risk tactical operations and offers ballistic protection and configuration to meet mission requirements. The FAV AWS features the new Honeywell Spectra® Composite material and when comparing to traditional modular webbing platforms, translates into an astounding 33% overall system weight reduction.


The AWS benefits don’t stop there, the new Spectra material also has a high break strength that is over 15% stronger than standard 1000 Denier Nylon. Complimented with high slit/tear strength, increased puncture resistance and overall resistance to flex fatigue.


- The FAV AWS features the same sizing methodology, ballistic panel coverage/interchangeability and accessory compatibility as the traditional FAV MKII platform.

- The FAV AWS also features a split front closure system in addition to the 360 degrees of new AWS material.

- The FAV AWS does not include the ability to attach Spacer Mesh inserts and does not feature integrated magazine pouches.

TAC LB™ (Load Bearing) Carrier

ROTECH®'s TAC LB™ is a front opening modular load-bearing vest that incorporates many built-in features designed for tactical armor.

TITAN™ Assault Enhanced Carrier

Redesigned to offer ala carte customization for ballistic protection for high-risk entry teams while continuing to provide increased mobility. The TITAN™ Assault Enhanced allows the user to customize their coverage to suit specific tactical maneuvers and is compatible with a spectrum of options currently offered by PROTECH® Tactical

Ballistic Upper Arm (Biceps) Protection

We make extending the coverage of your PROTECH® Tactical vest a simple matter. The upper arm (biceps) accessory provides added protection to the upper arm and features quick, secure hook and loop attachments.

  • Compatible with all PROTECH Tactical vests

  • Attaches using a hook and loop attachment system in the shoulder area of the vest

  • Hidden plate pocket for 6" x 6" mini-side plate or 7" x 8" IMPAC-HT biceps plate set

  • Incorporates a hook and loop ID attachment system

  • Tactical Green

  • Ranger Green

  • Black

  • Khaki

  • Navy • Digital Urban

  • Multi-Cam

  • Universal Camo

  • Digital Woodland

  • A-TACS®

FAV™ Low-Vis Enhanced Carrier


The FAV™ LV Enhanced carrier is the concealable option for the FAV™ MKII family of modular carriers

  • Ballistic panels can be interchanged between FAV MKII tactical vest, FAV LP Enhanced and FAV LV Enhanced vests  

  • Internal front and back dual 5” x 7”, 5” x 8”, 7” x 9” and 10” x 12”plate pockets for added protection

  • Adjustable, sliding TAC-LOC™ system provides 6” x 10” side ballistic protection

  • 8” elastic side-closure system

  • Integrated Grip-Lok™ Suspension System for removable NIJ Type IIIA ballistic panels

  • Available Colors: Black, Navy, Khaki, Olive and White


PROTECH pouches allow you to configure your external and concealable vests to meet the unique needs of your tactical operation. Pouches are available in Black, Tactical Green , Digital Woodland, Navy, Ranger Green, Khaki, MultiCam® and ACU.

IMPAC™ Special Threat Plates - Handgun Threat

High-velocity handgun threats are growing every day. PROTECH®’s IMPAC™ HT provides protection against some of today’s toughest special threat rounds. Ten times stronger than steel, the IMPAC™ HT is precision fabricated with multiple layers of unidirectional polyethylene, compressed at ultra-high pressures to form a lightweight, semi-rigid special threat plate.

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